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Friday, September 6, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology - originally posted December 19, 2011

...the 'Sitting Pretty' Aftereview...

...or at least 'overflow' for screen caps... here are a gob of caps from the 'Did You Ever See a Dream Walking' scene... no comments, as none are really needed...hope ya enjoy!



Sorry - next time I'll try to take a few more screen caps for y'all ;-)

It appears that for future reviews for films with ample Ginger, there will most likely be more of these 'Aftereview' posts to share mondo screen caps with y'all (a BIG potential for the many GandF routines coming up...) ...hope ya don't mind... I kinda have the feeling y'all are OK with it...

Well, as for 'next post', I'll figure out something Christmas-y in regards to Ginger... it's a shame she didn't take the Wonderful Life role... oh well, there's a few movies she did which are set at Christmastime, so we'll delve into those pretty soon...hope everyone is wrapping up shopping and gifts for the Yuletide festivities which are nigh upon us... And remember, it always helps to...

...Keep It Gingery, y'all!!!



  1. This is one of my favorite songs of Ginger. :)
  2. It's a goodie, for sure! I'm thinking I have this one on an old vinyl record somewhere...I REALLY need to 'update' the player on the site... I think a lot of the tunes are 'lost', as they were hooked up to another's computer...

    Anyway, hope y'all had a great Christmas, GF11!!!


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